It’s been a long time, we know… but after a lot of thought and work, we’ve decided to relaunch DNC from the beginning, with new art and a new edit of the illustrated novel. To everyone who has left messages and comments, wondering if we were coming back, thank you for your support. It’s been a rather rough last year and… we kinda left you hanging after our big database crash. It was a real blow, considering a lot of the coding and documents were lost. Having back-ups just wasn’t enough.

To those who have already read the story up to its final page and are looking for the continuation, thank you for being patient. There were some serious editing issues that needed to be addressed and we’re working diligently to get them hammered out. The re-read will be even better than the original, we promise.


New Edits and art: Uploaded by the end of May.

NEW PAGES coming June 1st.