The Red Quill Revival

Over the past several years, Red Quill has formatted itself as an illustrated light novel, giving three pages of story per single image, alternating weekly. For those who have been around since the beginning, you already know the first hiccup occurred when we lost our primary artist. Subsequent setbacks such as new jobs, rigorous school schedules, and just a general lack of time made it difficult to maintain our upload schedule. As with many webcomic and serialized story sites, we fell behind and after a rather bad server crash, fell off the radar completely.

Schedules have not lightened their load, life has not calmed down, but Red Quill has always been in the back of our minds. It was something we really wanted to continue, despite setbacks and a complete halt in posts. So changes have been made which will hopefully make things a lot easier to keep up with. Editing has been simplified and a new format will be instituted. Instead of the arduous process of novelizing and formatting these stories, they will be presented in their original format. They will, of course, be cleaned up and edited, but the narrative flow is going to get a bit avant-garde.

DNC and other Red Quill stories were originally written with shifting perspective. This means that the narration overlaps between these shifts, with the perspective changing within a single scene, sometimes within a single moment in time. Upon our original website launch, we thought that these shifts were too far from the standard to be successful, thus the painstaking process of edits and re-writes. But we’re going to try them in their original form and see how it goes.

Our upload schedule is currently ‘to be determined’, though we are going to put a hesitant- once weekly on Monday into place. As for which stories get updates when, we’re still figuring that out as well. It really is dependent upon work schedule, writing schedule, school schedule… and life in general. Thank you for bearing with us as we try to get back on the radar again- it’s been a long and painful hiatus.